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"Hilarious" - David Letterman

Karl Saliter brings stand up comedy presentation to his solid, original circus arts performances. Palpable likability is fused with storytelling and woven throughout his content presentation. Ranging from audience participation through to a once-in-a-lifetime, signature finale trick, Karl riddles his prolific one-liner Rolodex with intelligent improv and unique laughsourcing. He is always on the hunt for a good time during the show, and consistently finding it. Here is an act who loves his work and shows it.


Karl Saliter Karl Saliter Karl Saliter

Karl Saliter has been performing variety since the day he started doing it. His one-man circus comedy act has been featured at more fairs than your average ferris wheel, in more clubs than a typical soda, and on more cruise ships than a Miami widow. It all started when he was cast as the judge in the Trial of Tommy Toothpaste, in first grade. He began performing his variety show in Harvard Square, outside of Boston, in 1986. He spent ten years doing shows at state fairs, international festivals, and pretty much anywhere where the cops wouldn’t catch him. He moved on to cruise ships and colleges, nailed a gig as a human torch and fire eater at Lincoln Center for a couple of decades, and then got swept into a bizarre tornado of random offers.

He has worked intermission spots for the New York Islanders and the Boston Celtics, festivals in Singapore, and at thousand-year-old ruins in Cambodia and Thailand. He has keynoted for the Humor Project and for Guinness Corporation. He’s performed at many festivals in Canada and the States, and currently enjoys repeat engagements in Mexico for AM Resorts.

Our audiences really enjoy Karl's unique brand of humour and top notch skills on the Street. Karl is always wonderful to work with and is a true professional.

- Shelley Switzer, Edmonton International Street Performers Festival